Laser Screed Rental

For rentals call 920-949-1482
*3D system available upon request

Milis Flatwork offers laser screed rental services to contractors who would like to take their quality to a higher level or for longer projects where the production of a laser screed would be beneficial.

With some of the highest skilled operators in the country, who hold ACI certifications and SOMERO Operator cards, we guarantee you our highest quality. Each operator has over 2 million sq ft or more under their belts.

Placing and Finishing Services:

We are here to help you succeed with your concrete project. If you have a project that requires tight tolerances or requires tight deadlines give us a call!

We are equipped with:

  • ACI Certified Commercial Industry Flatwork Finishers
  • Laser screeds
  • Proven high FF/FL floors
  • Capable of 100,000 sq ft pours
  • Superflat operators with more than 8 million sq ft
  • 3D operator with more than 16 years experience running Trimble equipment